Steve Rosso Retirement

June 4, 2016

Dear Steve,

It is with sincere thanks and deep appreciation that we acknowledge your 13 years of service as a member of the Lakeside Quick Response Unit. A span of volunteerism that reflects your respect for the profession of emergency medical responders as well as your loyalty to the west shore communities and fellow QRU volunteers.

Since 2004 you have answered the call for aid by responding to dispatched calls, an unselfish gift of your time and expertise. However, your contribution went beyond a first responder role as you assumed leadership duties that helped strengthen and guide this organization.

While serving as QRU president your leadership and professional experience aided the organization in its growth and development. The transparent and accountable structure you encouraged secured the communities trust in the organization as a well-run business that manages its resources in a manner consistent with its mission. As a result, you were able to forge a partnership with the community in order to raise the funds needed to construct this facility. You and your team of volunteers balanced the opinions of dozens of people in order to formulate an architectural plan in which the community could be proud and contributed countless hours managing the construction process.

Because of your tireless commitment and dedication, we have a community funded facility that is entrusted to and managed by a stable, well organized unit. This building and organization will be standing for many years supporting the efforts of those who share your passion to respond to the call for aid.

On behalf of the Lakeside QRU Board of Directors, volunteers and west shore community, we wish you well in your future endeavors and thank you, you will be greatly missed at the QRU.

Lois Lauman

Lakeside QRU, Inc.
Board of Directors Chairperson