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The Lakeside QRU needs skilled volunteers that will contribute to its mission of service to the community. Due to the specialized level of training and education requirements of being an emergency medical responder, the path to becoming a Responding Volunteer of the QRU can be a lengthy process. It takes time to become proficient in the demanding emergency response arena, to know and understand QRU policies and procedures and to form bonds with fellow QRU volunteers. The time you invest in the Lakeside QRU will provide you with rewarding experiences and opportunities to:

I'm interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more about volunteer opportunities at the Lakeside QRU, Now what do I do?

You may submit an Expression of Interest form or contact us via email or call 406-285-8400.


We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the benefits and opportunities available to you as a Lakeside QRU volunteer. In the mean time you may find answers to some of your question here:

What kind of training or licensure do I need?

There are several levels of licensure within the emergency medical service profession, beginning with Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). More advanced levels are Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Emergency Medical Technician Basic with Endorsements and Paramedic. You can start volunteering as a QRU responder with an Emergency Medical Technician Basic license. If you already have one of these licenses, please contact us and we can see how your current skills can be utilized within the Lakeside QRU.

What is the time commitment needed to be a QRU Responding Volunteer?

The Lakeside QRU is dispatched to approximately 450 incidents each year or 8 calls each week on average. No volunteer goes on every call, however we appreciate a minimum commitment of at least 12 hours per week to being "on call" and available to respond. The amount of time you will be on the scene of a dispatched call varies, depending on if the incident results in a transport to a healthcare facility. In addition to responding to dispatched calls, the responding volunteers meet two Wednesday evenings each month for further training. Attendance at these training meetings can fulfill the continuing education requirements of your licensure and your attendance is essential for you to remain current on Lakeside QRU procedures and equipment.

The Lakeside QRU is an all volunteer organization and the legal, contractual and financial responsibilities of running an organization of this size requires volunteers to assume leadership positions as well. Responding to dispatched calls is our volunteers #1 priority, however, your involvement in the business inter-workings of the corporation are also needed and appreciated.

Can I volunteer if I work full-time?

Yes, many of our volunteers work full-time. They respond to calls when they are not working and every response is appreciated.

How much does it cost for me to be a Responding Volunteer?

There are no dues and all required continuing education can be obtained from the bi-monthly training session and licensing costs will be paid by the QRU. All supplies, clothing and equipment will be provided to you by the Lakeside QRU