Organ Donation

Are you interested in learning more about organ donation? For many people this can be a sensitive and private topic. Here are a few facts regarding organ donation:

  • At any given point in time approximately 120,000 patients in the United States are on waiting lists for life-saving organ transplants.
  • Every person who becomes an organ donor has the potential to save up to 8 lives.
  • There is no age limit restricting someone from becoming an organ donor.
  • Most major religions support organ and tissue donation.
  • All costs associated with organ donation are paid by organ donation organizations. There is no financial cost to you.
  • Being an organ donor will not affect the treatment you receive in a hospital.

To read more about the Facts & Myths of organ donation visit the American Transplant Foundation.

In Montana, organ donation is handled through the Motor Vehicle Division in association with LifeCenter Northwest.

Learn more about designating yourself as an organ donor by visiting the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicles Division website.