Got House Numbers

When responding to an emergency situation, every minute counts and emergency responders want to reach you in the quickest way possible. It is essential that the address numbers on your house or business are visible and easy to read as the extra minutes spent trying to locate your property could mean precious time is wasted.

There are no county ordinances that mandate how home or business addresses are to be displayed. Therefore, it is up to each property owner to decide how best to display their address. Please help us help you by making your address visible for emergency responders and consider the following tips:

  • Script numbers or numbers that are spelled out in words may be aesthetically pleasing but are difficult to read quickly from the street.
  • Your address number should be in a contrasting color to your home and located high enough that it can be seen from the road. Choose house numbers that are reflective if possible and at least 4 inches high.
  • If the house or business is located more than 45 feet from the street, the numbers should be displayed on a fence, mailbox or other appropriate place that will make it visible for approaching vehicles.
  • Reflective or light up numbers are ideal.
  • Be sure that the view of the numbers is not obstructed by shrubs, trees, or decorations, such as flags.
  • And keep in mind, numbers should be clearly seen when approaching from either side of the house.


If you would like to talk with a QRU Responder about your specific situation please email or call us 406-844-2775.

Other ways to help responders find you:

  • Flash your porch light or turn on as many lights as possible.
  • Turn on the emergency flashers in a vehicle parked in your driveway.
  • Send someone to the road to signal with a flashlight as the emergency vehicle approaches